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How would you like to be taken more seriously, double your fees and be rewarded for your lifetime of experience?
My name is Cydney O'Sullivan

Millionaire Business Mentor, International Speaker, multiple best selling author and Celebranding™ Expert and I'm going to show you how you can become the highly respected, sought after authority figure in your field…

Featured in The World’s Greatest Speakers and voted one of the top 10 Motivational Speakers In Australia

Join Me in Making The Single Greatest Move You Can Make In The Next 12 Months
A move that, above all others, can transform your Business and personal life to a whole new and exciting level... and is way less work than you think!

Let me show you the BEST Marketing and Branding strategy to grow your business. We'll step you through the process of how to achieve this at my Signature Celebrity Fast Track Workshop.
Why You Want To Be At This Workshop
  • The best and most effective Marketing and Branding strategies on a budget
  •  Discover the simple, easy and quick ways to write a book (even if you hate writing or failed English at school)
  •  A step-by-step system to create multiple income streams that could set you up for life! (You’ll never think the same again)
  •         Why your new “back end” will be the most profitable part of every sale. This will be the quickest and most fun “warp speed education” on multiplying your income you’ll ever get!
  •  How to grow your business and brand through both Online and Offline strategies
  •  How to master Youtube and Facebook to get heaps of new customers
  •  How to create your own perfect follow on products over a short weekend… So you can start earning your fortune even if you don’t have a real business or anything to sell yet!
  • The secret “position boosting” technique that’ll make you an instant expert and authority in your niche… Literally overnight!
  •  My proven (and secret) layout formula that’ll turn your book into a lead generating machine – I’ll show you how I have generated over $300,000 in revenue from a digital book
  •  My proven system for finally getting clarity over your signature message to develop your book and product series
  •  We’ll map out your book! … your chapter titles, back cover and I’ll share my professional book template developed over years of publishing best selling books
  •  Learn my system for how to get Celebrity endorsements from major movie stars, high profile business people, thought leaders, authors and media celebrities
  •  How to create thousands of dollars of free publicity for your book and personal brand… Sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars!
  •  How to Leverage your book to boost your career as a speaker, trainer or consultant
And that’s just the tip of the iceberg…
Who Should Come to This Event?
This Event is For:
  • Anyone professional or expert who is not making the most of their expertise
  •  Anyone who owns their own business or who is planning on starting a business in the near future 
  • Action takers!
  •  People with ideas, products or strategies that NEED to be shared with the world 
  •  People who understand the value of celebrity positioning and free publicity and how it can influence your business and branding 
  •  Anyone who wants to create multiple streams of income
This Event Is NOT For:
  •  Excuse makers
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Cyd O’Sullivan
Millionaire Business Mentor, International Speaker, multiple best selling author andCelebranding™ Expert and I'm going to show you how you can become the highly respected, sought after authority figure in your field… 

Social Marketing & Publishing Consultant ◊ Best-Selling Author ◊ Entrepreneur ◊ International Speaker ◊ Fast track your authority with a Celebrity Brand.  

Cydney O’Sullivan is a multiple bestselling author, award-winning international speaker and communications consultant who helps experts and businesses stand out from their competitors. She is featured as one of the top 10 Australian Motivational Speakers and in the best-selling books The World’s Greatest Speakers, Motivational Speakers Australia and Motivational Speakers America with highly esteemed celebrities. Cydney draws on decades of experience in her role as a speaker, marketing and publishing consultant to share insider secrets to create your ‘Magnificent Million Dollar Message’ and help boost your reach and bottom line through strategic social media marketing. 

Cydney has been building businesses, real estate and share portfolios for over 30 years. She'll show you how, thanks to modern technologies, one of the fastest ways to create wealth today is building your authority and personal earning power through “Celebranding”, a system she designed to develop your personal brand.
Robbie Motter
Robbie Motter is a Marketing/PR Consultant, Certified National Speaker, author, event planner and Radio Show host of Diva Strategies for Success on Blog Talk Radio.. She spent 25 years in corporate America in top positions across the country before becoming an Entrepreneur.
Robbie is a monthly staff writer for the Menifee & Murrieta Buzz, www.menifeebuzz.com, 
She also writes articles as well as the Nafe pages for the E Magazine for Woman Executives,

Robbie is a the 2nd Vice President for the GFWC Menifee.Sun City Woman’s Club and a former board member of the Temecula Valley Symphony www.temeculavalleysymphony.org, She is the PR Chair for the Menifee Valley Lions Club and the GFWC Menifee/Sun City Women's Club and also is a member of the Murrieta/ Wildomar, Canyon Lake and San Juan Capistrano Chamber of Commerce.
Robbie has been featured in numerous chapters of books across the country and has written forwards in many published books. She is currently working on her book "It's All About SHOWING UP and the POWER is in the ASKING. She also spearheaded published the Book Heartful Sayings which is a book of quotes all put together by nafe members. Also the book was put together by a nafe member and the drawings in the book were done by nafe members so it is total a book for women by nafe women members. She will be featured in a chapter in a new book to come out in March 2018, the book is titled Impact: Where Passion and Purpose Makes a Difference. The book will have 20 authors like Robbie in it and is being put together by a award winning and best selling authors Stacey O’Byrne and MaryLou Hunter of Pivot Point Advantage
Pamela Moffat
Graduating from Mt. Holyoke with degree in history, Pamela landed her first job in advertising in New York and never looked back.
Her passion for branding began with her very first account where the team worked with Jack Welch to reinvigorate the image of GE with the “We Bring Good Things to Life” campaign, the longest running corporate campaign ever.
Over the course of Pamela’s career, she has helped develop many award-winning campaigns and has worked with some of the world’s most valuable brands. Besides GE, she’s worked with Mobil, Mars, New Balance, TAG-Heuer and Absolut to name a few.
But some of her most rewarding experiences have been with start-ups and non-profits. Recently, Pamela helped a bio-tech startup raise $10M by enhancing their message and changing their branding. She has also helped a number of non-profits dramatically expand their impact with her fresh take on their brands.
Pamela currently lives in Dana Point with her son. She has served on the Boards of a $1.5 billion asset management firm, a progressive private school, and an international peace organization.
Belinda Mangani
After nearly 20 years of helping clients achieve financial and personal success, Author and Speaker Belinda Mangani has put her knowledge, strategies and unique approach into a series of books in an effort to reach a wider audience.

It’s not enough to work hard, to budget and to stick to that budget. You can feel rich or poor regardless of how much money you earn or have. What’s truly important is how you view money and how you value your time that helps you build a life that matters and creates balance at home and at work.

Always aware of her own positive money mindset, she became committed to helping others to achieve the same. Her varied and successful career in real estate, family law and mortgage brokerage exposed her to how peoples’ perception of money negatively affected their lives. As a qualified financial management professional she became passionate about helping people better manage their money, be it paying off their mortgage in record time, paying off student debts, buying their ideal car, travel or putting their children through college. Belinda is certified as a financial consultant and mortgage broker. Using her training, work experience and personal successes, Belinda has built a practice that is predicated on integrity and sincerity, with an emphasis on personal wellbeing and behavioral changes that recognizes money as one of the components to a balanced and healthy life.

How we relate to money is complex, so only with a greater understanding of ourselves and our relationship with money can we develop a mindset that will result in being more and doing more. Using the proven strategies and success principles that helped her succeed, she can tailor her coaching and workshops to individual needs. These series of books are designed to help anyone, anywhere take control of their lives and their money and bring balance into their lives.

Her comprehensive educational service Building Blocks for the Future provides coaching, offers workshops and online webinars. 
G G Frantz
Do you want to change your life and results? Are you tired of not having achieved the successes you deserve? Are you aware of the negative conditioning that has kept you back?

GG Frantz has lived through a life of challenges beyond what most people could endure and he has come out on the positive side because of what he learned through hard work and lifelong study to recondition his mind. He can help you do the same. Through the use of subconscious systems, he can help you achieve new results and greater success in every area of your life – personal and business.

His story is one of a strong family foundation that turned sour when it should have soared through a love of God and family. As a child he was recruited into a cult Christian religious sect that should have elevated his life and that of his family. But instead he suffered twenty years of sexual and mental abuse. Now, looking back, perhaps it offered the lessons he needed to learn so that he can help others rid themselves of the negative emotions, the destructive mindset that we all encounter in our lives at one time or another.

As a certified Neuro-Linguistic Program Coach and developer of a highly regarded Counselling Program, GG has developed proven techniques that have helped dozens of his clients turn their lives around and some have achieved greatness where there was only fear and devastation.

You can soon hear his story on ABC’s "You Can’t Ask That" documentary series and his soon to be published autobiography will be available in the spring of 2018.
Why Attend?
You got into business for one reason…. Lifestyle. How’s that working out for you? I know, it can always be better, so why not come to our event to learn the latest strategies, tools and systems that you can put in place to give you the money, time and lifestyle you always wanted?

This event condenses the knowledge and ideas learned and developed over decades in business, all into one awesome event of exponential growth.

In summary you will discover:

●    Content-rich practical strategies that you can apply to your business within 24 hours

●    Information that 99% of others are unaware of or not utilizing to grow their businesses

●    Real time examples with real business owners of how they are using the material to grow their businesses.

●    Step by Step guide’s you can use to get your business up to speed and pumping.

●    Plus much, much, more…
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Embassy Suites LAX, Los Angeles - March 2 - 3, 2018
Here Are Just a Few of the Celebrities We’ve
Published in the Past...
Brian Tracy
Motivational Speaker, Best Selling Author
Armand Morin
Internet Marketing Expert, Speaker, Author
Mike Koenigs
Speaker, Author, Marketing Expert
Lisa Sasevich
Speaker, Trainer, Sales Closing Expert
Les Brown
Motivational Speaker, Author, TV/Radio Host
Justin Burns
Author and Entrepreneur
Here Are Just a Few of the ‘Celebrity Brands’ We’ve
Helped Create in the Past...
Bernie Griffiths
Rose Chandler
Smiljian Mori
Kerri Richards
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I'm looking to enroll 50 people of high integrity...People who are good at keeping their word...People who are prepared to take action and join me for these 2 exciting life changing information drenched days...

I personally 100% guarantee that you'll love this workshop

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Cydney O’Sullivan
Best Selling Author, CEO, Entrepreneur, International Speaker, Millionaire Mentor 

I'm Ready To Become An International Speaker
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I'm Ready To Become An International Speaker
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